Panic Disorder? Try Hypnotherapy

Posted on: 3 March 2021

Have you been diagnosed with panic disorder, or with anxiety that often results in panic attacks? While there are many different treatments that can be helpful for these conditions, one that is really worth trying is hypnotherapy. Put simply, hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis to reform the way you think, thereby relieving both mental and physical symptoms of a wide range of conditions. It's particularly useful for conditions that are triggered by certain situations and happenings, and panic disorder certainly fits that description.

How does a hypnotherapist help treat panic disorder?

A hypnotherapy session starts with your therapist putting you into a hypnotic state, also known as a trance state. Once here, you will be very relaxed and prone to suggestion. You'll follow the hypnotist's voice. When they sense that you are relaxed, they will start bringing you into situations that would induce your panic. For example, if you often suffer panic attacks in busy places, they'll talk you through a scenario in which there are people rushing all around. You'll feel your heart rate rise and other symptoms of panic starting to creep up. As you do, your hypnotist will start guiding you, with their voice, towards a sense of calm. They may make suggestions like "feel your heart rate go down as you take deep breaths."

After a few sessions, patients find that they're better able to manage panic attacks and that when they do start to have one, they can guide themselves back down to a calmer state.

What are the advantages of hypnotherapy over other treatments for panic disorder?

Hypnotherapy has the advantage of being generally calming and relaxing. Most patients leave the appointment feeling positive and self-assured. Other therapy-style treatments for panic disorder may initially be a little harder for the patient, mentally. In addition, hypnotherapy does not involve the use of medications, so there is little to no concern about serious side effects.

Are there any risks associated with using hypnotherapy for the treatment of panic disorder?

Hypnotherapy is very, very safe, which is one reason it's becoming such a common choice for treating panic disorder. The main side effects are tiredness, fatigue, and headaches after an appointment. These may occur because the therapist has essentially triggered and walked you through a panic attack, so your body is responding as it would after a real one.

Panic disorder can be incredibly difficult to live with. If you are struggling with this condition yourself, find a hypnotherapist in your area. They offer a very safe, effective treatment approach.